radiator flushAutumn is a wonderful and magical time of year in Jonesville and Elkin North Carolina. In the foothills, we see a wide array of colors when the leaves change. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails to explore at Stone Mountain State Park, Hanging Rock State Park, and Pilot Mountain. Many area residents enjoy driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway for Doughton Park. A lot of people like to walk by the river or take advantage of the mild temperatures and do some fishing. There is a lot to see and do in the Yadkin Valley area.

Eventually, Fall fades, and winter sets in. In Jonesville, we are fortunate to have relatively comfortable winter temperatures of the year. We do usually have a few rounds of snowfall; however, winters are not typically brutal. Unfortunately, that can give a false sense of security for drivers and car owners in Surry County. There is always the potential for an outbreak of arctic air that can wreak havoc on your vehicle if it is not repaired or maintained. 

Make sure your automobile is ready for cold snaps this winter. Bring it to the team at Jody’s Automotive for help with winterizing your car. 

Winterizing Your Car in Jonesville, NC

While Jonesville does not experience many extreme cold snaps, frigid temperatures should be expected any time during the winter months. Without proper winterization, you could find your vehicle damaged by the cold. That is why you need to check your antifreeze and possibly perform a radiator flush. A radiator flush involves these careful steps:

  1. Open the radiator cap and coolant reservoir cap.
  2. Find the radiator drain by using the owner’s manual.
  3. Place the container you will use to catch the flushed antifreeze underneath the drain.
  4. Once the container is in place, open the drain and all the antifreeze will flow out into your container
  5. Pour in your radiator flush as directed and fill the rest with water to the top of the radiator opening. 
  6. Close the caps and run the engine for ten minutes or so with the heater on full blast. 
  7. Allow the engine to cool down, then drain the radiator again. 
  8. Refill the system with water and repeat the process. 
  9. Drain the radiator again, and ass your antifreeze.
  10. Once finished, clean the area to get rid of any spilled fluids and wash yourself to get rid of any coolant that may have gotten into your skin.

If you want to avoid potentially doing damage to your car or yourself, Jody’s Automotive can help. Whether you are passing through or you are a long-time resident of Jonesville. We want to help keep you on the road this winter. The cold season is the absolute worst time to be stranded by your vehicle. Bring your car to the trusted expert team here at Jody‘s Automotive. We will make sure your car is properly winterized so you can have peace of mind knowing you have the best chance of keeping moving all winter long.