need wipersJonesville, North Carolina residents are treated to all four seasons of weather each year. There are, of course, pros and cons to getting every type of weather:

Winter in Jonesville:

  • Pros: You are likely to see snow each year. That said, it’s not as cold as the higher elevations in Allegheny County. 
  • Cons: While snow may be pretty, sleet, freezing rain, and cold rain can plague residents throughout winter, making travel difficult and keeping people from enjoying the outdoors. 

Spring in Jonesville:

  • Pros: Spring comes quickly with sunshine, warmth, beautiful colors, and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Cons: Spring is pollen season. After a week without rain, your vehicle will be covered in what looks like yellow snow. Thunderstorms are common, bringing rain, wind, and difficult driving conditions. 

Summer in Jonesville:

  • Pros: You can spend most of the day outside, enjoying the fact that it is warm but not as brutally hot as Charlotte or Raleigh. 
  • Cons: It can get quite hot and humid. Summer downpours can seemingly come out of nowhere, often accompanied by hail and high winds. 

Fall in Jonesville:

  • Pros: Autumn in Jonesville is pretty much perfect. The magnificent display of color is accompanied by perfect temperatures and football season. 
  • Cons: Falling leaves can get wet and make driving treacherous. They also clog up drains and cause ponding on roadways. 

Whatever the season, you need working windshield wipers to ensure you can see properly. Jody’s Automotive in Jonesville is here to help with your windshield wiper replacement

Jonesville, NC Windshield Wiper Replacement 

Every year, Jonesville receives around forty inches of rain. It can rain up to five feet in certain years.

Even if your windshield wiper blades are brand new, wet roads limit visibility. They will leave streaks if they are worn out, making it even more difficult to see the vehicles and circumstances ahead of you.

In addition to snow, sleet and freezing rain are typical throughout the winter. When snow and ice attach to the road, it makes driving extremely hazardous. These conditions are not only hazardous, but they also impair visibility, and the treatment used to melt snow and ice can build dust on your windshield.

Before your visibility is obstructed, you should have your windshield wiper blades replaced.

Jody’s Automotive Windshield Wiper Replacement and Vehicle Maintenance in Jonesville, NC

To ensure that you can get through every season safely, there are a few maintenance tasks you should take care of with your car:

  • Before the snow and ice fall in winter or rain in spring, replace old tires.
  • Make sure your brakes are up to the task of dealing with slick roads. Replace your brake pads, rotate your rotors, and double-check your braking lines.
  • If your transmission needs to be maintained, it may cause problems if you're stuck in the snow.
  • Suspension parts on your car may be worn out, causing it to handle poorly. 

Regardless of the season, windshield wiper blades are just as crucial as the other components. Whether it's winter or spring, it can be challenging to see when precipitation falls. If you can't see clearly, you could be a danger to yourself and other drivers.

Bring your vehicle to Jody's Automotive in Jonesville if your windshield wiper blades need to be replaced. Whether you live in Surry County or are simply traveling through Jonesville, we can quickly replace your wiper blades.