winter maintenanceThere are portions of the western part of the United States that experience long periods of time without rain or winter weather. In Elkin, North Carolina, we get over forty inches of rain every year. Sometimes, it is more like 60 inches, or nearly five feet of water that falls from the sky. Winter brings an average of 9 inches of snow annually as well as rounds of sleet and freezing rain. That is not to say it is all bad weather in the foothills. We get plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures, and days that are better spent outdoors. We have beautiful scenic drives to enjoy throughout the area. There is plenty to love about living in Elkin, from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the back roads in and around Surry County. 

However, all that rain and ice is hard on road surfaces. Rain will lift the grime and oil in the asphalt, while the brine and salt used to treat it in winter coats the road in a film that will inevitably end up on your windshield. That is why it is vital to replace your windshield wiper blades regularly. Otherwise, you may not be able to see the road clearly. 

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Jonesville, NC

We think of our windshield wipers as tools to remove water when it is raining. However, they are used to remove all sorts of other things that obstruct our views:

  • It is not just rain but heavier snow and ice that builds up on our windshields in winter.
  • When the road is wet, oil, grease, salt and road treatment, and other grimy build-up gets all over our windshield.
  • In spring and summer, our windshields become graveyards for flying bugs. During these seasons, your windshield wiper blades double as bug scrappers. 
  • Pollen can coat our vehicles and give any windshield a yellow tint. Your windshield wiper blades become antihistamines for your windshield. 
  • Falling leaves, dust and dirt, and everything in the air can and will eventually adhere to your windshield. 

What happens when you do not have good windshield wiper blades? You become a road hazard because you cannot see. As soon as your wipers start leaving streaks or making excessive noise, it is time to bring your vehicle to Jody’s Automotive. We will inspect your wiper blades to determine whether there is any life left in them and if it is time, we will replace them with quality wipers on which you can count. Contact us or come see us for new windshield wiper blades