windshield wipersWhat are the most important aspects of vehicle safety? Some common answers include:

  • Keeping both hands on the steering wheel
  • Maintaining a safe distance behind the car in front of you
  • Regularly checking your rearview mirrors
  • Checking and making sure your brakes are working properly 
  • Rotating and replacing your tires
  • Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension, shocks, and struts
  • Obeying traffic laws and driving defensively

While those are indeed vital safety steps, one of the most important aspects of navigating Surry County’s roads and highways is keeping your windshield clear. 

What Jonesville, NC Windshields Go Through Daily

Jonesville receives over forty inches of rain annually. Some years, it can rain as much as five feet. 

Wet road conditions reduce visibility, even if your windshield wiper blades are brand new. If they are worn out, they will leave streaks that make it even more difficult to see the vehicles and conditions in front of you.

Sleet and freezing rain, in addition to snow, are common throughout the winter. When snow and ice stick to the road, it creates dangerous driving conditions. In addition to being slick, these conditions reduce visibility, and the treatment used to melt snow and ice can cause grime to collect on your windshield. 

You need to have your windshield wiper blades replaced before you find your vision impeded. 

Replace Windshield Wiper Blades in Jonesville, NC

Drivers in Surry County are well aware that they could be in for a variety of surprises as they travel around the county.

  • We have to worry about rain all year, but in the winter, we also have to contend with snow and ice on our windshields.
  • Throughout the year, oil, grease, salt, road treatment, and other dirty build-up accumulate all over our windshield when the road is wet.
  • In the spring and summer, our windshields turn into flying bug graveyards. Your windshield wiper blades act as bug scrapers during these seasons.
  • Pollen can cover our automobiles and leave a yellow tint on your windshield. Your wiper blades act as antihistamines for your windshield.
  • Everything in the air, including falling leaves, dust, and debris, may and will stick to your windshield. You need working wiper blades to keep it clean and clear.

Trust the Professional Mechanics at Jody’s Automotive in Jonesville, NC

What happens if your windshield wiper blades aren't up to par? Because you can't see, you become a road hazard. 

Bring your vehicle to Jody's Automotive as soon as your wipers start producing streaks or generating excessive noise. 

We'll evaluate your wiper blades to see if they still have life in them, and if they don't, we'll replace them with high-quality wipers upon which you can rely. 

For new windshield wiper blades, please contact us or visit our Jonesville shop