scheduled maintenanceLiving in Jonesville, North Carolina means you have a lot of places to go and a lot of things to see. Within a relatively short distance from our area, you probably regularly go to many amazing places, including:

  • Winston-Salem and the Triad for work, shopping, and restaurants 
  • Stone Mountain State Park for hiking and camping
  • Warrior Creek and Roanoke for some of the best mountain biking on the East Coast
  • Boone or Sparta for mountain air and charming shops and culture
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway – either south toward Grand Father Mountain or north to Virginia 
  • The Virginia Creeper and New River biking greenway trails 
  • Mount Airy to remember Mayberry 

Wherever you drive, you expect your vehicle to take you there and back without issue; however, if it is not properly and routinely maintained, you can be left stranded. Having a mechanic perform routine maintenance helps ensure you get from point A to point B without issue. Whether you live in Jonesville or Elkin, or you are traveling through Surry County, Jody’s Automotive is here to help. 

A Trusted Mechanic Performing Routine Vehicle Maintenance in the Jonesville, NC Area

Oil Changes: Oil keeps your engine running newer, longer. Typically, oil and oil filter should be changed every 5,000-7,500 miles, according to the manufacturer's recommendations and driving conditions. 

Tire Rotation and Replacement: Tire Manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or EVERY OTHER oil change. 

Power Steering Check: Your power steering is what makes your vehicle turn freely. If you hear a whining noise when you turn or notice the steering wheel feeling stiff, bring your car to Jody’s Automotive as soon as possible. 

Brake Service: As important as it is to “go”, you want to make sure your car can stop when you push the brake pedal. If your brakes are making sounds when you use them, such as squealing or grinding, these may be signs that you need brake service. Jody's Automotive is an ASE certified technician for a brake inspection.

Check Engine Light: If you see the “Check Engine Light,” it can be a good indication of problems with the engine or overdue for service. While it's handy to have this warning light as a form of communication, it can also be a stressful thing for car owners to see. The check engine light does not provide insight into what kind of problem there may be.

Jody’s Automotive has experience with every make and model of vehicle. If your car needs routine maintenance, we are here to help. Contact us today, or bring your vehicle by the shop.