Suspension RepairOne of the factors that draws people to the foothills and piedmont of North Carolina is the scenery. Set amidst the rolling hills of northwestern North Carolina, Elkin is just minutes from the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. The highways and side roads twist and turn as they climb toward Stone Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just a short drive can unlock a world of wonder and beauty in every season. 

Drivers in Surry County, throughout western North Carolina, and around southwest Virginia: you need your vehicle handling properly. If the steering is not just right, it can be difficult to keep your car on the road around here. In Elkin, having your steering and suspension in tip-top shape is imperative to your driving experience. Jody’s Automotive is here to help Elkin and Jonesville drivers navigate the area with a vehicle that handles the road as it should.

Steering and Suspension Maintenance in Elkin and Jonesville

If your suspension is struggling to keep up with your needs, it will let you know. Some signs your suspension needs help include:

  • Drifting/Pulling: If you cannot seem to go straight without your steering wheel fighting you to the right or left, it could be a sign of a worn-out suspension.
  • Difficulty Turning: Is your car seemingly unwilling to turn one direction or the other? Shocks and struts that require attention make it more difficult to turn sometimes.
  • Bouncy Ride: If your car is riding rougher than usual, it is time to have your suspension serviced.
  • Tire Wear: Uneven tire wear is a sign that your tires are not contacting the road as they should, likely due to worn suspension parts.
  • Stopping: If your car dips more than usual under braking, it could be a sign of failing shocks. The same is true if the car seems to suddenly lean back when you accelerate.
  • Noise: Are you hearing squeaks and squeals when you go over speed bumps and potholes. It is probably your suspension system calling out for help.

If your vehicle has become difficult to turn or feels like a dump truck when you are trying to parallel park, the issue may not be in your suspension. It may be your power steering. You need to have your power steering and suspension regularly maintained. Jody’s Automotive is your trusted Jonesville and Elkin area mechanic. Contact us today or drop by the shop to have your suspension and power steering components repaired and maintained properly.