Radiator Service Jonesville NCIf you have lived in Jonesville for long, you know we experience all four seasons. The heat can be sweltering in the summer while dipping below freezing even down to the teens and single-digits during the heart of winter. As long as your vehicle is properly maintained, it will be able to handle the variety of conditions we experience here in northern North Carolina. One vital component of your car that is easy to overlook, however, is your radiator.

Radiator Service Jonesville, NC

Your radiator is responsible for regulating your car’s engine. Your car needs your radiator to function well all year long, even during winter. In fact, if the ratio of coolant to distilled water in your radiator is inadequate, the solution can freeze and cause your car to overheat in the cold. Signs your radiator needs immediate service includes:

  • Visibly leaking coolant
  • Raising temperatures on your dashboard
  • Sour sweet smell
  • The fan does not turn for several minutes after you shut the engine off
  • There is evidence of coolant leaking under the hood
  • You frequently replace coolant

If your car overheats, do not panic. Pull over, shut off the engine, and wait at least half an hour for it to cool. Do not open the radiator cap until the engine has cool sufficiently and use protection for your hands even then. Do not add fluid if the radiator is still hot as it can damage your engine block. The longer you can wait, the better. The best practice is to have your radiator serviced by the expert mechanics at Jody’s Automotive. Radiators should be served at least every 30,000 miles or five years. If you suspect radiator issues, mention it to our technicians next time you swing by for an oil change.