radiator flushThe radiator on your car helps keep your car’s engine cool. An overheated engine will lead to a breakdown, so radiator maintenance is very important to the overall functionality of your vehicle. The radiator is situated in the front of the engine bay and is constructed with slim, hollow channels that run from the inlet tank to the outlet tank. 

Liquid coolant gets pumped through tubes to the engine, where the liquid is warmed by the working engine. After the coolant passes through the engine, it makes its way to the radiator, which flows the liquid by air passing through the radiator. The air is allowed in through the grill on the front of the car. 

When the liquid is cooled down again, the coolant cycles back through the engine to absorb more heat in a continuous cycle to keep the engine working at optimal temperatures. 

Possible Problems with the Coolant System and Radiator

It’s common for coolants to degrade, scale deposits, and rust build-up in your cooling system, which can lead to:

  • Vehicle Breakdown
  • Overheating
  • Poor Circulation

Some of the Common Signs that Your Car is Overheating

  • Your car’s temperature gauge rises
  • Steam billows from under your car’s hood
  • Hissing sounds coming from your car
  • You can smell boiling antifreeze

If any of these problems occur, you should stop driving right away. Do not start your car again until the engine cools down. Additionally, you should not open the radiator or pressure cap because it could lead to serious burns. 

If your car doesn’t receive proper maintenance services, you could experience issues with your coolant system. However, routine maintenance allows you to resolve small issues before these issues become costly to repair bills. If you don’t perform routine maintenance, your coolant system issue will worsen and damage your engine. 

Radiator Service in Elkin, NC

It is extremely important to repair and replace your radiator if it isn’t working properly. If you think your radiator isn’t performing as usual, some signs might help you determine the appropriate time to schedule service. 

One sign that your radiator is malfunctioning could be an elevated temperature gauge, which is an indication that your engine may be overheating. Another sign that your radiator isn’t working is a green, yellow, or orange puddle of coolant under your car, which may be from a radiator leak.

If you notice problems with your radiator, contact Jody’s Automotive and Lube Shop, and we’ll determine if your radiator needs to be repaired or replaced. We profoundly service vehicles in Elkin, NC, and surrounding areas.