new tires to avoid hydroplaningWhether you drive an SUV, truck, or minivan, finding the right tire size and type for your vehicle’s needs can be a headache. You have dozens of options, brands ranging in quality, and tire stores to choose from. Some drivers place a high priority on ride comfort and noise than style while other drivers prioritize tires that work to support better gas mileage. Even so, every driver looks for tires that offer a long tread life and maximum capabilities. At Jody’s Automotive, you can trust us with your vehicle’s tires. We offer tire rotations and replacement in Jonesville, NC, and surrounding areas and ensure your new tires are backed by years of durability, dependability, and a steady commitment to delivering the performance you can trust. 

Signs You Need New Tires 

Your tires are an important component of your automobile. When you have old, worn-out tires, it’s not only damaging to your vehicle, but it’s also an accident waiting to happen. Blowouts and bad traction are just some of the things that can happen when you have bad tires, so it’s critical to be able to tell when you need new tires. 

  • Your tires are bald
  • Your side walls have cracks or gouges
  • Your car is constantly shaking
  • Past the tread wear warranty
  • Driving with a spare tire
  • Your cords are showing
  • You live in an area where it regularly snows or rains

If your tires are worn, it not only impacts your vehicle’s performance and driving experience but also becomes a safety concern. If you need new tires or suspect uneven tire wear, our experienced technicians are trained to recognize tires that need to be replaced or rotated. 

Contact Your Local Repair Shop – Jody’s Automotive Jonesville, NC

To shorten your wait and increase our ability to serve you, don’t hesitate to call ahead. By giving us advance notice, our service technician will be able to review any past work they have done on your vehicle while also gathering parts and tools they may need for your appointment. Most importantly, we will give your appointment priority over walk-ins by reserving an appointment for your vehicle to have you in and out as quickly as possible. 

If you are looking for a dependable and convenient auto repair shop, Jody’s Automotive Repair and Lube Shop offer affordable rates, priority service, and a full range of services for your vehicle’s needs. We will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of your vehicles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or visit our website to learn more information about our services.