diesel pickup maintenance tipsDiesel trucks are hardworking automobiles, so they are the perfect vehicle for many Jonesville area residents. It is in the DNA of Surry County residents to work hard and get the job done, whatever it is. When we are not giving our best for our companies and businesses, we have a lot of natural resources and wonders to enjoy in our area. 

Jonesville area diesel trucks are used for all sorts of projects, including but hardly limited to:

  • Hauling building materials like 2x4s, plywood, metal, and concrete
  • Carrying gravel to fill driveways and make repairs to the roads depend on
  • Pulling trailers with heavy equipment used to clear land and make new structures 
  • Pulling recreational vehicles and campers to the many wonderful places we explore
  • Taking our boats to lakes and waterways throughout the area
  • Carrying kayaks, rafts, tubes, and fishing equipment to get the most out of our proximity to the Yadkin River
  • Taking care of the land and maintaining the gifts we have in our area

There is a lot to love about Jonesville, NC. There are a lot of reasons to have a diesel truck. For diesel owners, it is vital to make sure your truck is properly maintained by experts. 

Jody’s Automotive in Jonesville has been helping diesel truck owners keep their vehicles on the road and working hard for many years. We are here to help you get the most out of your truck. 

Diesel Truck Maintenance in Jonesville, NC 

Surry County truck owners need to get the most out of their vehicles. Routine diesel truck maintenance that is vital to making sure your it can continue to work hard for you includes:

  • Inspecting and replacing gaskets
  • Checking and replacing glow plugs
  • Using diesel fuel treatment in your fuel tank
  • Regularly replacing diesel fuel filters
  • Changing your engine and cabin air filters Changing your engine oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles
  • Inspecting and making necessary suspension repairs
  • Ensuring your brake pads are regularly and rotating rotors
  • Making sure brake lines are properly maintained
  • Checking and replacing the serpentine belt 
  • Rotating and replacing tires 
  • Ensuring transmission is working properly

What if you have an entire fleet of diesel trucks? Jonesville Automotive has you covered. Our corporate fleet allows those authorized from your business to bring in company-owned vehicles for service by our ASE Certified Technicians and charge the service to your company fleet account. 

Whether you have a single diesel truck or several, contact Jody’s Automotive for the maintenance to keep them going.