holiday travel and vehicle tipsElkin and Jonesville area residents work hard. Going back as far as people have been in this area, people have done the hard things to provide for their families and care for the land. When we are not working, we have a lot of great options for getting away and enjoying the natural resources of our area. Within a short distance of Elkin, we have excellent hiking, fishing, biking, and camping throughout the mountains and foothills. 

Whether you use it for working hard, recreation, or both, your diesel truck is a necessity for your family. You may be hauling stone and parts or a camper or boat, you do not have time to waste with a truck that is not working properly. The way to ensure your diesel truck is there for you when you need it is to perform routine maintenance. Jody’s Automotive has the experience and expertise to keep your pickup running as smoothly as possible. 

Diesel Pickup Truck Maintenance Elkin and Jonesville NC

Proper maintenance is imperative for keeping your diesel pickup truck running well. Maintenance steps specific for your truck may include:

  • Inspecting and replacing gaskets
  • Checking and replacing glow plugs
  • Using diesel fuel treatment in your fuel tank
  • Regularly replacing diesel fuel filters
  • Changing your engine and cabin air filters

In addition to those tasks, every vehicle requires these steps of routine maintenance:

Do You Have a Fleet of Diesel Trucks?

If you have a number of diesel trucks or just a fleet of any kind, Jody’s Automotive can help you keep all of your work vehicles going. A Corporate Fleet Account will allow those authorized from your business to bring in company-owned vehicles for service by our ASE Certified Technicians and charge the service to your company fleet account.

We can use custom information to track your charges, including truck numbers, PO numbers, VIN codes, license plate numbers, etc. Whether you need regular maintenance for a single diesel pickup or have an entire fleet of vehicles, you can trust your routine maintenance and repair needs to the experts at Jody’s Automotive in Jonesville. We help drivers from Elkin, Jonesville, and all over. Contact us, or bring your vehicle to the shop today.