jonesville brake repairWhen it comes to maintaining your vehicle, there are important and crucial parts that need to be serviced regularly. Brake pads are among the most crucial components of your vehicle. Like most parts, they have normal wear since they create friction to help stop your car when they are pressed against the brake rotor. It’s in your best interest that your brake pads should always function properly and be replaced before they lose effectiveness. 

Why Brake Inspection, Repair, and Change Are Important

Brake pads on your vehicle are made of metallic, organic, ceramic, or composites materials. Every time they are used, they lose material and eventually wear thin. This means they can’t generate the heat caused by friction as effectively and decreases their ability to stop the vehicle quickly. Therefore, when they wear out completely, they can cause a lot of issues. If you notice your brakes aren’t as responsive as they once were or the pedal feels different after you’ve been driving around a while, it could be time for new brake pads. 

Signs of Brake-Wear

Some cars have brake-pad sensors that inform the driver of worn brake pads on the dashboard or message shown during startup. Some brake systems will send a warning by squealing or screeching when they get too thin. Any unusual noises like grumbling or grinding sound mean the pads may be gone and further use of the brakes can cause serious damage to the rotors. You should take your vehicle to your local repair shop to replace the pads before you have any of these signs:

  • If you hear squeaking, clicking, or grinding noises when applying brakes
  • The brake pedal vibrates when engaged
  • The driver has to apply increased pressure to the pedal for brakes to engage
  • Slight taps on the pedal will cause your brakes to grab
  • The brake light comes on in the dashboard
  • If the vehicle constantly pulls to one side while braking

Why Brake Maintenance Is Important

To ensure that your car can consistently stop in the safest way possible, we strongly recommend changing the brake pads before they show warning signs. Your vehicle’s owner manual likely suggests inspecting the pads at every oil change because brake-pads vary greatly depending on your driving style or whether your care is driven in mountain areas or dense traffic. Brake pads should be replaced when they reach their service limit of around 0.1 inches. We don’t recommend waiting to replace the brake pads after months of the first warning signs. 

Read our article, How Often Should You Change Your Brake Pads, for more information.

From a safety standpoint, poorly maintained brakes will take longer to stop or potentially fail. Pay attention to the condition of your brakes to avoid life-threatening situations and costly repairs later. If you need a brake inspection in Jonesville, NC, Jody’s Automotive Repair and Lube Shop certified technicians can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment