Suspension issues can be difficult to diagnose. Anything from bad or worn shocks, struts, springs, tie rods, or ball joints can ultimately cause costly damages to your vehicle. If these problems are ignored, they can make your car extremely unsafe to drive. 

Your car is not just a machine that takes you from point A to point B, it is an extension of who you are. Vehicle owners customize every part they can to ensure that it is personalized. You spend as much time with it as almost any member of your family. Your car is the last thing you see before work, and the first thing you see at the end of a long day. You talk to it, clean it, maintain it, and expect it to keep you and your family safe if something goes wrong. 

You want to make sure you give it everything it needs. Drivers tend to think of gasoline as something to keep a vehicle hydrated and moving.

When you turn the key to your vehicle, you expect it to take you where you need to go. You drive your car to and from work, where you invest your energy in your future. You drive it to school where you drop off your children to learn the things they need to know to be successful. You drive to soccer practice, dance, and band, where you arrive just in time to turn around and head back to the soccer field. 

Most drivers are thinking about where their car needs to take them, not whether or not it will break down in the process. However, without routine vehicle maintenance, you can expect it to malfunction at some point.

There are many reasons to buy a car. Many are searching first for style, while others are looking for an affordable machine that will get them from "Point A" to "Point B" more often than not. Some want a four-wheel-drive machine that can go virtually anywhere, while others want the smallest vehicle that is easy to park and has good fuel mileage. Some want to take the top down and cruise on the Blue Ridge Parkway, while others want to ensure that their passengers are always safe. We want to be able to drive safely in the snow and ice without the performance suffering when it is sunny and dry.

People in Jonesville count on their vehicles to take them where they need to go. Driving is incredibly important to Surry County residents. Whether driving is our profession, we work in Winston-Salem, or we tour the foothills visiting family and helping our neighbors, we expect our cars to take us many miles each day. When we are not working, our vehicles bring us to local hiking trails, mountain biking areas, or to the river for fishing and kayaking. We need our automobiles to be well-maintained at all times, and we want to make sure we can find a trustworthy mechanic.