You may take vehicle maintenance seriously. You have your oil changed every 3,000 miles or three months, you make sure your tires are rotated properly, you check your brakes at the first sign of squeaking, and you have your radiator flushed regularly. You take care of your car because you want to make sure it takes care of you.

Even if you are a serious car owner, it is easy to overlook your suspension system. When we think of shocks and struts, we think of comfort and how smooth our automobile rides on rough surfaces. Comfort is not the main function of suspension; however, safety is. If your suspension needs attention, your vehicle will drive poorly, and unsafely. In this post, we are discussing your suspension system, what it does, signs It’s worn, and when to take your vehicle to us for suspension service.

You will not find a better automotive repair and lube shop in the Jonesville area than Jody’s Automotive. Jody and his staff have years of experience wrenching all kinds of vehicles, keeping Surry county drivers on the road and out of trouble. If you have a vehicle, it will require routine maintenance to ensure it is performing at its peak and you are avoiding catastrophic parts failures. You can trust our shop to keep your car rolling. Here are five things that set Jody’s Automotive apart:

If you find yourself watching your temperature climb higher toward the dreaded red zone while you are sitting in traffic on a summer day near Jonesville, you and your car may both be close to blowing a gasket!

Rising radiator temperature is a sure a sign something is wrong and that your radiator is likely malfunctioning. Allowing your engine cool and adding coolant (note: this is dangerous if you have not allowed adequate time for the engine to cool) is a temporary measure that can get you home or to a mechanic; however, the longer you run a car with a radiator or water pump requiring repair, the higher the risk of full radiator failure and a costly repair bill. To avoid catastrophic radiator failure, in this article we want to provide some steps for protecting it and your car's cooling system.

You may not think about your brakes often, only when you press the pedal to avoid a vehicle or a pedestrian who steps out into the road. Nevertheless, they are working hard to keep you and those around you safe every time you get in the car. Even though brakes alone stand between you and calamity, many drivers don't think about having them inspected on a regular basis. Here are five reasons you should: