Keeping your vehicle in top shape means monitoring your tires and knowing when to replace them. Driving on tires that need to be replaced can be dangerous. 

It can be overwhelming to keep up with the industry standards and tips for how to tell when you should replace your tires, so we have created this short guide to help you stay safe and to maintain your car’s tires. This brief guide will help you determine whether or not your tires need to be replaced by giving you an outline of some of the common reasons and signs to look for when it comes to tire replacement. 

Elkin’s small-town charm makes it a desirable place for both residents and visitors in the foothills of North Carolina. With warm weather cruise-in events and annual festivals celebrating everything from wine to pumpkins to music, there’s always something fun to do.  

There are more drivers and vehicles on the road today than ever before. All that driving adds up to an average of six million accidents each year in the United States alone. That breaks down to about 16,438 accidents every day. The reality of driving is, if you do it long enough, you’re almost guaranteed to be involved in one.

Our cars may be assembly line produced, but that doesn’t mean they don’t develop their own personalities, so to speak. Get into anyone else's car for a ride, and you will likely immediately notice a whole host of different noises as you travel along. 

For the most part, these differences are entirely normal and don’t indicate an issue with either vehicle. But hearing an abnormal noise in our own vehicle might just be a clue that there is an underlying issue. Sounds are often the first feedback point from a car that might require repair, even without a check engine light tripping.

If you’re reading this, chances are you may have started noticing some strange happenings when you’re on what should be a peaceful drive. 

There’s nothing more annoying than feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster when you should be cruising smoothly down the road in your vehicle. A shaking car could be the result of a number of things -- such as engine problems, worn down rotors, and a need for new tires -- but which is it for your car? How serious is it?

Gas prices have risen steeply over the last few years, along with everything else. With these steep increases, it only makes sense that everyone is looking for ways to run their car in a way that is more cost effective and fuel efficient.