Why Is Wiper Blade Replacement So Important? Why Is Wiper Blade Replacement So Important?

Why Is Wiper Blade Replacement So Important?

Jonesville, North Carolina gets approximately 42 inches of rain every year. The rain is spread out evenly across every season. That means, sometimes we get heavy downpours that fall fast and furiously, while other times we are dealing with steady rain or drizzle. When you are driving, you need to know if your windshield wipers up for the job? You do not want to find out that answer when the heavens have just opened.

It is vital for Jonesville drivers to make sure their wiper blades are equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature - and road conditions - bring their way.

Safety First is Always the Best Method

Windshields protect drivers from more than just the weather. Think about how many bugs and rocks your windshield has impacted. Furthermore, how many birds have used your windshield as their bathroom? When your wipers are worn out, and you hit the windshield washer switch, it is aggravating to watch them smear the cleaner and mess across your windshield, often making your visibility worse. 

Worn Out Wiper Blades are a Nuisance and a Danger

Those streaks, smears, dirty spots, and uncleared areas are evidence your wiper blades are not contacting the surface of your windshield properly. This will impact your visibility and, therefore, your ability to see the road, pedestrians, and other obstacles along your route. You become a hazard to yourself and others.

Think for a moment about driving down a busy road in the dead of night, with all the headlights of oncoming vehicles reflecting off your dirty or smudged windshield. It makes night driving even more challenging.

Rain, slush, and snow are all dangerous situations if you have excellent visibility; however, with deteriorating wiper blades that cannot clear your windshield effectively, it can be a serious hazard.

How Do You Know When You Need to Replace Your Wiper Blades?

Though they are incredibly important, wiper blades are also among the simplest components you can find on a vehicle. Though they are just made of thin rubber or halogen-hardened rubber, their flexible design makes them move across your windshield with ease, clearing water, snow, slush, dirt, and grit off to the side - enabling you to see where you’re going.

Over time, with regular use, they will wear down. Friction between the windshield and the wiper blade inevitably leads to wearing. Another factor, particularly in our North Carolina climate, is direct sunlight. This, and natural oxidation, cause the rubber to break down over time.

As the rubber in the blade breaks down, it no longer flexes as effectively to the shape of the windshield. And this can leave you in a jam when you need to clean your glass on a drive or you encounter inclement weather.

Signs Your Wiper Blades Need to be Replaced:

  • Dirty spots and streaks.
  • Squeaking sounds.
  • A skipping motion.
  • Greatly reduced visibility.
  • In extreme cases, worn blades can also lead to permanent scratches on your windshield.

You should also be on the lookout for:

  • Ripped or detached rubber on the blade
  • Cracks or tears
  • Detached arms on the wiper itself
  • Metal corrosion on the wiper

Prevent Problems Before They Start

Don't wait until the middle of a storm before you realize you need to change your wiper blades. It’s easy to forget, but it’s important that we put wipers on the maintenance schedule. They should be replaced them twice a year (or more if you drive extensively).

While we don’t have winters like our Northern counterparts, we certainly get snow and ice. Blades specifically made for winter weather make a huge difference. You can put them on in the late fall and switch them out in the spring. This should keep you safe all year long.

But again, please keep an eye on wear so your wiper blades don’t leave you in the lurch when it comes to challenging weather and road conditions.

Jody's Automotive is Here to Help

When it's time to replace your wiper blades, stop in at Jody's Automotive. Our expert technicians are happy to replace these key elements, so you can get back on the road with confidence and safety. A few minutes is all it takes to make sure you and your fellow drivers are safe.