What You Need to Know About Winter Oil Changes

What You Need to Know About Winter Oil Changes

Imagine all the things you use your car for. Commuting to and from your nine-to-five weekday job, taking the kids to school and ball practice, and beating Sunday afternoon traffic as you rush to your favorite restaurant in Elkin or Jonesville. Chances are, life would look a lot different without your car. 

Especially as we approach colder weather, you need to prepare your vehicle and ensure it’s ready to handle the cooler months. It’s better to take the measures today to make sure your car is running when you need it.

Before temperatures dip below freezing, you need to have your vehicle winterized. One important step to winterizing your care is changing your motor oil for less weight or viscosity.


What is motor oil used for?

Motor oil is used for the car’s engine to keep everything lubricated and clean so your car can run smoothly. The oil keeps everything from being contaminated or breaking down. For the winter, the weight viscosity matters immensely. Lower viscosity means it will be thinner, while a higher viscosity is thicker and is tougher to flow through your engine in the colder months.

What happens when the oil isn’t flowing right? 

Thicker oil in the wintertime, or oil that has a higher viscosity, has trouble doing its job in your car’s engine. The thicker oil puts a strain on the battery since it isn’t flowing properly, thus potentially causing some hefty repairs to your car battery and alternator in the future. 

You do not want to be on the side of the road in below-freezing weather because your oil was too thick and damaged your battery. So to keep it from breaking down or becoming less effective at lubricating, it’s important to get the lower viscosity. 

What if the oil in my vehicle’s engine is getting old?

Along with the higher viscosity in the winter months, older oil can also be dangerous. For older vehicles, it’s recommended you get an oil change every six months or every 3,000 miles. As for newer automobiles, some don’t need oil changes until approximately 5,000 miles. 

So keep a close eye on your mileage to make sure you aren’t due for an oil change. If it is time to change your oil, there are professionals in Elkin and Jonesville that are here to help. We’re also willing to have a conversation to see when it’s best for your car to get that oil change.

Along with older oil, you don’t want to run on low oil or low oil pressure. Check your oil often, and if necessary, you can add more oil to your car. When checking the oil, you should wait for your engine to cool off before removing the cover and dipstick.

What’s the best oil I should use during the winter?

When deciding which oil to use, always refer to the car’s manual and what oil is preferred. There’s not one oil that’s universally acceptable for all vehicles. With that said, 5W-30 is recommended for its versatility year-round, no matter if it’s the spring, summer, fall, or winter months. 

And when it comes to synthetic motor oil, that’s another reference to the owner manual. 

Generally speaking, newer vehicles respond better with synthetic oil, while conventional oil is better for older vehicles. When making that decision, understand synthetic oil tends to be more expensive than conventional.

Get Your Oil Changed in Elkin and Jonesville

Hopefully, after all this information, you understand the significance of getting your car winterized. This can be the difference between a smooth holiday season and one where you have to shuffle money out for damages to your car’s engine. As the old meme goes, “brace yourself, winter is coming!”

The best thing you can do for your car is to find a trustworthy mechanic, one who knows what they are doing and has a passion for it. Whether you are in Elkin or Jonesville, Jody’s Automotive Repair and Lube Shop is here for you. Our team offers full-service oil changes year-round. 

During these oil changes, our technician will drain the motor oil out and replace that with brand new oil and a brand new filter, giving you the best oil service around. Contact Jody Rushbrook and his crew to have the best car mechanic team around perform oil changes and repairs on your beloved vehicle.