Ten Great Gifts for People Who Love Cars Ten Great Gifts for People Who Love Cars

Eight Great Gifts for People Who Love Cars

Christmas is a wonderful time of year in Elkin, NC. Winter temperatures, decorations and lights, and the music of the season serenading Surry County are all part of what makes the holiday a special time. We want to help you find gifts for the car-lovers in your life, so in this article, we are including 8 gift ideas for the car people you care about most:

1) Cell Phone Holder

It is unsafe and frustrating when the phone rights or you need to adjust your music while you are driving. You can miss a crucial turn or direction not from your G.P.S. when you cannot see your phone. A high-quality cell phone mount for a dash or air vent is a great gift for the car people in your life. Some brands and examples include:

  • Jarmon Universal | CD Player Mount | $10-15
  • WinnerGear Montar | Windshield Mount | $30
  • Vogue Tech Cell Phone Holder | Dashboard (Horizontal) | $10-15
  • WizGear Universal Magnetic | Air Vent | $5-10
  • iOttie Easy One Touch 3 | Dashboard (Vertical) | $25

2) Gift Cards for Maintenance and Repair

From casual fans to the professionals, car-people know how important proper vehicle maintenance is throughout the life of an automobile. For people who love their cars, they will relish a give that provides them with free oil changes, tire rotations, and other basic vehicle maintenance, so they can enjoy the road. For vehicle maintenance, Jody's Automotive has Elkin area residents covered.

3) Basic Vehicle Essentials

Every driver needs a good tool kit, flashlight, and jumper cables. Tools should include allen wrenches and ratchets. A flashlight that can be used as a lamp is also helpful. The more portable and storable in a vehicle these gifts are, the better for the recipient.

4) Seat Warmer

For people who make lengthy drives, a seat warmer or massaging car seat cover is the perfect gift. 

5) Sound System

For the car-enthusiasts in your life that collect classic, older vehicles, their beautiful cars are likely missing a key component to the perfect road trip - an audio system. For the classic car collector in your life, they would likely benefit from some combination of the following:

  • New Radio
  • Better Speakers
  • Bluetooth Capable Sound System

6) Winter Driving Kit

In Surry County, North Carolina, we usually experience several rounds of snow and cold temperatures during the winter. Preparing for the potential of being stuck in the cold is vital for drivers. 

  • Warm Blankets and Coats
  • Extra Antifreeze
  • Tire Chains for mountain driving
  • Kitty Litter for melting ice and snow
  • Collapsible Snow Shovel
  • Non-perishable Food
  • Flashlight and Batteries

7) Dash Cam

Do you know someone who enjoys telling stories about their daily driving experiences? Wouldn't that person enjoy showing you the footage of the bizarre event they are describing? Dash cameras are the perfect give for the story-telling car-enthusiast in your life.

8) Car Seat Covers for Pets

Does the car enthusiast in your life enjoy driving in the foothills and mountains with their furry friends aboard? Consider seat covers to help protect the leather and cloth upholstery.
For vehicle maintenance information or to schedule an oil change, tire rotation, or other maintenance needs, contact Jody's Automotive