9 Factory Scheduled Maintenance Musts

9 Factory Scheduled Maintenance Musts

When you turn the key to your vehicle, you expect it to take you where you need to go. You drive your car to and from work, where you invest your energy in your future. You drive it to school where you drop off your children to learn the things they need to know to be successful. You drive to soccer practice, dance, and band, where you arrive just in time to turn around and head back to the soccer field. 

Most drivers are thinking about where their car needs to take them, not whether or not it will break down in the process. However, without routine vehicle maintenance, you can expect it to malfunction at some point.

Factory scheduled maintenance is more than a suggestion, it is a stern warning about what you need to do to make sure your car will get you where you need to go as many times as possible. Make sure you are paying attention to how often you should schedule maintenance for these tasks and more.

9 Routine Maintenance Musts for Your Vehicle

1) Oil Changes

Your vehicle’s oil lubricates the engine to keep it running efficiently and parts from wearing out quickly. Oil should be changed every 5,000-7,000 miles in most vehicles, or however often your manufacturer recommends.

2) Tire Rotation and Replacement

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road and is thus very important. Most tire manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to extend the life of tires and maintain your car’s handling capabilities. If you have not had your tires rotated recently, when you do, you will likely be able to feel the difference in the way your vehicle drives. 

Tires need to be replaced as soon as the tread level demands it. If your tread is wearing unevenly, or you can see cords, it should be addressed immediately. 

3) Brake Service

As important as it is for your vehicle to go, it is at least as vital you are able to get it to stop. Like any other system, your brakes need regular service such as pad replacement, rotor repair, and changing brake fluid. 

4) Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission must also be serviced as often as your manufacturer recommends; otherwise, it can fail, and your car will leave you stranded. 

5) Windshield Wiper Blades

When windshield wiper blades wear out, they will almost certainly make an aggravating noise. Worse yet, however, they will fail to remove water and grime from your windshield, making it more difficult to see where you are going in the rain. 

6) Suspension Service

Like any other system, shocks and struts wear out over time. When they do get old, you can often feel it in the way your car handles and feels on the road. If their damage becomes critical, parts can break and leave you on the side of the road. 

7) Fuel Injection and Filters

Your fuel filter is a vital part of your vehicle’s performance and should be replaced every 20,000 miles or so.  A clean fuel system will improve fuel economy, acceleration, and performance, while eliminating hard starts, hesitation, and stalling. 

8) Power-Steering Service

You do not often think about your car’s power steering system until it fails. When it does, it can feel like your steering wheel is encased in cement. Before it gets to that point, if your steering wheel shows signs of stiffness or turning slowly, or there is a strange noise when turning, make sure you have your power steering checked.

9) Serpentine Belt

Your vehicle’s serpentine belt is what sends power to all your vehicle’s components. If it breaks, it will leave you on the side of the road. Make sure you regularly have your serpentine belt inspected and if necessary replaced. 

There is more maintenance to do that is not necessarily included on this list. That means drivers should form a relationship with a trusted local mechanic. Jody’s Automotive provides expert and routine vehicle maintenance for drivers in Jonesville and throughout the area. We also service vehicles traveling on I-77 with the same care we take with our neighbors’ and families’ vehicles. Stop by the shop if it is time to make sure you take care of those maintenance musts.