5 Reasons Why You Need a Radiator Flush

5 Reasons Why You Need a Radiator Flush

What Does Radiator Fluid Do?

Radiator fluid is commonly known as an antifreeze coolant that is used to help keep your car engine cool. In warm weather, car engines run hot, and without something to alleviate excessive heat generated by the engine, can cause massive problems. Always make sure that your vehicle has the correct amount and type of radiator fluid to help keep your car engine cooler.

You should frequently check the levels of coolant in your car’s radiator and cooling system to ensure everything is in order.

Replacing radiator fluid is the most forgotten thing when taking care of your car. It is important to always make sure to replace and maintain the radiator fluid when necessary. 

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need a Radiator Flush

What Does a Radiator Flush Do?

Radiator coolant is important but over time most fluids can build up unwanted contaminants and collected debris. When your radiator coolant hasn’t been changed in a long time, it can cause radiator corrosion, generating rust, or debris that you do not want in your car’s radiator and engine. To solve this problem, a coolant flush can prevent and clean your cooling system. A flush involves forcing several gallons of clean water and new antifreeze through the system to get rid of all the old antifreeze and contaminants that may have built up. First, you should drain the radiator to get rid of the old antifreeze and then fully flush to remove everything else. You can go to a mechanic for your radiator flush rather than doing it yourself. Jody’s Automotive gives full cooling system inspections and replaces radiator fluid

How Do You Know When You Need a Radiator Flush?

There are several signs that may indicate that it is a good idea to get a radiator flush right away. If your car overheats, it means that there is either a leak in your coolant system or that the coolant is contaminated in some way. If your coolant levels are full even though your engine has overheated, Jody’s Automotive can flush your car’s radiator and prevent your car from overheating. Other signs that a radiator flush is necessary include coolant leaking underneath your car, engine noise, visible debris in your coolant, and an odd smell from your hood. 

How Often Should You Perform a Radiator Flush?

Opinions vary, but experts say that every three to five years you should do your radiator flush. If you have a new car, there should be no need to do a radiator flush for at least a year. If there are no other signs that you need to flush out your radiator, you should do at least every 30,000 miles or according to your owner’s manual recommended schedule. 

How Do You Flush a Radiator?

1. Open the radiator cap and coolant reservoir cap.

2. Find the radiator drain by using the owner’s manual.

3. Place the container you will use to catch the flushed antifreeze underneath the drain.

4. Once the container is in place, open the drain and all the antifreeze will flow out into your container

5. Pour in your radiator flush as directed and fill the rest with water to the top of the radiator opening. 

6. Close the caps and run the engine for ten minutes or so with the heater on full blast. 

7. Allow the engine to cool down, then drain the radiator again. 

8. Refill the system with water and repeat the process. 

9. Drain the radiator again, and ass your antifreeze.

10. Once finished, clean the area to get rid of any spilled fluids and wash yourself to get rid of any coolant that may have gotten into your skin.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Flush Your Radiator?

Is flushing your radiator necessary and what happens if you don’t do it? Mechanics suggest that you flush your radiator because if you are experiencing difficulties with your car, then not flushing the radiator will damage the car’s performance and cause problems. Flushing the radiator will solve these problems and will save money instead of payments for a much more costly repair.

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