Our vehicles are an investment, and having a reliable vehicle is essential to keeping us moving through our lives. 

While there are many things you may not be able to fix on your vehicle without the help of a mechanic, there are several essential tasks owners can do themselves to prevent needing costly repairs in the future. 

The holiday season is approaching. Do you recall that toy you got as a kid on Christmas morning, and you couldn’t wait to play with it for the first time? You go to play with it and realize the toy is no good because it did not come with batteries. Without the batteries, it is rendered useless.

Now you have a much more expensive toy -- a car. This toy needs a battery too, or else you’re not getting from point A to point B.

The last thing you want to happen is for your car battery to completely die. A car battery can be tricky, but it’s vital to know it and how it operates to get the most out of the battery and your vehicle.

Imagine all the things you use your car for. Commuting to and from your nine-to-five weekday job, taking the kids to school and ball practice, and beating Sunday afternoon traffic as you rush to your favorite restaurant in Elkin or Jonesville. Chances are, life would look a lot different without your car. 

Especially as we approach colder weather, you need to prepare your vehicle and ensure it’s ready to handle the cooler months. It’s better to take the measures today to make sure your car is running when you need it.

Before temperatures dip below freezing, you need to have your vehicle winterized. One important step to winterizing your care is changing your motor oil for less weight or viscosity.

Because diesel trucks (and sedans, for that matter) are such hardworking vehicles, they are ideal for Jonesville area residents. We work hard in Surry County, so we expect our trucks to do the same. There are many reasons drivers choose diesel engines:

If you drive a car for any length of time, you are no stranger to all the things that can go wrong with your vehicle. The lights that flash, the sounds that interrupt the radio, and all the other signs that your car is in trouble should be checked out by a professional car mechanic.

When it comes to choosing a vehicle mechanic, be sure to select one who is dependable and trustworthy. You should only choose someone who will be honest with you.

Unfortunately, some mechanics have been known to take advantage of their customers. Using their knowledge of cars and the market, and more so the lack of knowledge on the customers' end, some will try to inflate and exaggerate the prices to get more money in their pocket. 

The best way to combat this is to educate yourself and not let a mechanic take advantage of you. Here are eight way to stay smart and hold your own with a new mechanic with whom you haven't established trust yet.