steering wheelWhen you get in your vehicle and turn the key, you expect it to take you wherever you need to go. If you live in Elkin or Jonesville, there are plenty of places for your car to take you. You can hop in, turn the key, and take off to so many places, including: 

Even if you are not touring the area amenities in your car, you still expect your vehicle to be ready to take you to school, work, or to run errands. However, we have all jumped in the driver’s seat, turned the key, and heard the tell-tale sign of a dead battery – silence. It may not have been completely silent, but you know that grinding sound meant your vehicle was not leaving the driveway or parking spot. There is nothing you can do for a dead battery but replace it with a quality Interstate battery from Jody’s Automotive. 

Car Batteries Elkin, NC by Jody’s Automotive in Jonesville

Sometimes, your vehicle will give you signs the battery is ready to be replaced:

  • Your headlights or interior lights are dimming
  • Your engine is slow to crank
  • Your radio and other electronics are on the fritz
  • Your power steering seems less effective
  • Your vehicle needs to be jumped after a short drive
  • Your battery is more than five years old

It can be difficult to distinguish between a failing alternator or a dying battery. If your battery is five to ten years old, that is likely the culprit. If it is newer, however, the alternator may need to be replaced. Regardless, when your vehicle starts showing the first sign of electrical trouble, you need to bring it to the team at Jody’s Automotive. We can quickly diagnose whether your battery needs to be replaced and get you back on the road. You do not want to find yourself stranded by a batter problem. Contact us at Jody’s Automotive today