Vehicle Repair I-77 Surry County – Jonesville and Elkin, NCThere are few things worse than hearing a pop, grinding sound, or feeling something in the steering wheel that you know will delay your trip on I-77. Significant road construction will only make the possibility of tire damage due to road debris or some other problem that will send you to the exit searching for repairs. If you find you need vehicle repair in the Elkin and Jonesville area, as safely as possible, make your way to Jody’s Automotive. We are conveniently located just off of Exit 79. We will help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Repair I-77 Surry County – Jonesville and Elkin, NC

I-77 is a heavily traveled road connecting Columbia, SC to Cleveland, OH. From family vacations to interstate deliveries, the number of vehicles has prompted road construction here in the Surry County area. We have found that construction and fender-bender debris has caused an increase in vehicles requiring minor repair after passing through the area.

Jody’s Automotive has the experience and expertise to help I-77 travelers with a number of repair and maintenance needs including:

  • Damaged or flat tires
  • Oil changes
  • Leaking hoses and radiators
  • Water pump issues
  • Air condition services
  • Transmission services
  • Other issues that may arise while you are on the road

If you are traveling on I-77 and find yourself with a vehicle issue, do not try to push it to your destination, let Jody’s Automotive help. Contact us or bring your car to the shop to make necessary repairs and get right back on the road, traveling safely to your destination.